I think before I talk.

So far in my life I met plenty of people who talk nothing but nonsense. If they are asked a question by a teacher, a family member or a friend they dont only answer wrong but talk at random. Lets take a simple example: the teacher asks: »What makes an ant so special?« The pupil answers: »Well, I once trod down one«. In such a case I dont know what to think about! Especially if the answer is neither right nor funny.
I myself dont mind if people interrupt their explanation by stops to find a half-way reasonable answer. If a person answers with: »I dont know« or »I have no idea« or even shrugs his shoulders its ok for me.
But people who use to talk at random without thinking before or give an answer to a question that simply was not asked I cant follow.
Of course there are also people talking round something and you cant get them. Furthermore I met people talking hindleg off a donkey and the content is borring. Sometimes you are asking yourself: and what else… or what is the sense of it? Especially when these people end without a point.

So I ask all that people, please take my advice: think before you talk.