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Over Time I Get Used To Everything And Start Taking It For Granted.

In a couple of minutes I am going to enter a sixty-ton tube that will, unlikely as it is if I just stop and think about it for a second, lift me and another two hundred people thirty thousand feet into a perfectly blue sky. Although this is rather miraculous, I take it for granted.
This is true of my work, of my relationships, of my city. I remember being on a road trip through Arizona, and as mesmerized as I initially was by the big sky and fantastical landscape, after day ten it seemed like just more red rocks to me.
I have lived in New York for seventeen years, and it’s still my favorite place in the world, but like so many of its inhabitants, I get lazy and take it for granted. So for this project we thought of designing typography created by situations we had never been in before in New York (and therefore could not possibly take for granted).