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You can't pray a lie. But religion is not the main thing. It is your humanity.

The focus of life is not religion. Religion is a tool to focus humanity. It is a way to read the world, but it is not the main thing. It is your efforts in life; your humanity. It’s OK whoever you are; focus on humanity.”

I have extracted the above from the wisdom contained in “MUSLIMS AUSTRALIA” issue number 7, dated March 2009, as published by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils ( see ).

You can view the full text of what I have published and entitled “Grand Perspectives” at… . This post concludes (also quoting from “Muslims Australia”):

All human beings are equal. Enjoin what is good; struggle against the vices. Violence against women finds no roots in religion”. In the matter of modesty, “All are at liberty to decide for themselves their individual comfort levels and the choice of their dressing. A justly balanced community bears witness to the truth. A logical fruit of a merciful attitude is to love”…. Therefore, love All, for “A true believer is always prepared, after meeting the needs of family, to assist other people in need.” Amen ! Action ! Praise God !

There really is no division between us: “All people are created equal members of one human family”.

And whenever, or wherever we cannot love, we must, at the very least, respect, and do no harm.